art graphics

Sometimes I draw (digitally or pen-and paper). Sometimes I make prints. Lately I've been working on risograph printing, but none of that is on the website (yet). Here are a few pieces that I like.

Can't Take It With You (Linocut Print, 2021)

Untitled (Linocut Print, 2021)

Produced as part of collaborative zine Comfort Food

Midst (Linocut Print, 2022)

It All Comes at Once (Linocut Print, 2021)

Icarus of Manhattan (Photocollage/digital painting, 2021)

Accompanies "I Put Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning on an Everything Bagel and I Now No Longer Fear Death", written for The Free Peach

"Your Girl Was in Berkeley with Her Communist Reader"  (Digital design/poster print, 2018)

Floating (Digital design/poster print, 2020)