home town redesign

This was the midterm project for the graphic design course I took in spring 2021. I was asked to redesign the branding for my home town of La Jolla, California. Here are some highlights.

For a full process document, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.


The primary color palette is based on the ocean and a seagull, both of which are visible in some form or another throughout La Jolla.

The Novante-Raleway font combo is refined but modern. I like it so much that I used Raleway for this site, and would've used Novante if my site-designing tool allowed for it. 

Seals and sea lions are some of La Jolla's most famous residents, so I wanted my logo to center around them. I started with hand-drawn concept sketches before refining the design in Illustrator

After making the logo, the city needed additional iconography. In representing different key elements of the town, I wanted to mantain a unified style. This meant using the same circular shape as the logo, using the primary color palette, and retaining the "squiggle" used in the logo. 

The logo and color palettes lend themselves to advertising and merchandising options